US Gun Cente best gun shop, had humble beginnings.  Ro Carter started selling guns out of a spare bedroom in his home in Frisco in 2011.  The business quickly outgrew the home.  Late night customers and too many guns in the house for his family’s safety dictated that the guns be moved to a more secure place with regular hours. Because of great service, but even more importantly, great customers, in 2013, Ro, petrified, opened a gun shop in Plano at 15th and Independence.  That first year exceeded all expectations and set the tone for what was to become a Plano staple. If you aren’t in the Linwood area come visit in person, and shop guns, silencers, ammo, and all firearm accessories online.

Becoming The Best Gun Store

In the beginning, the gun selection was limited, but there was one overarching very simple philosophy that became the mantra of the store.  “Be nice to people”.  It’s so straightforward, but so rarely seen in gun stores.  US Gun center’s diversity is unbelievable and if anyone reads the store’s online reviews, they can see that people of all types, from all walks of life call this store home.  Our gun shop and staff cherish our diverse customer base. US Gun Center welcomed the staff and supported the business fervently.

The secret sauce in the store is the people. US Gun Center employs staff that is incredibly knowledgeable but has the touch to make people feel at home.  Employees understand how so many gun stores treat customers poorly, make them feel stupid, or create an intimidating environment.  US Gun Center’s amazing personnel know how to impart their expertise without being patronizing, refusing to be the stuffy old gun store with grumpy old men. We became the well-known Plano gun store to our community by welcoming the new shooter, folks seeking a lot of information, and anyone else put off by the typical gun store paradigm.

Achieving the Best Gun Selection and Prices

US Gun Center has one of the best gun selections in all of the DFW Metroplex.  Whether a customer is looking for black rifles, hunting guns, shooting pistols, concealment handguns, cowboy revolvers, or any other sort of firearms, US Gun Center is the place with hundreds and hundreds of guns. Seriously, come see it.  We have more guns than almost anyone. Need AR-15 parts?  A person can build a whole rifle with our stock.  Looking for accessories, grips, magazines, or other pieces?  US Gun Center has thousands of items. Anything a shooter needs, US Gun Center has, and if not it can likely be ordered almost overnight.  Last, our selection of used guns for sale can’t be beaten. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re happy to be your Linwood gun trader.

Pricing.  It’s what is on everyone’s mind.  US Gun Center is aware that buyers have tons of choices when buying guns, including the internet. We decided long ago not to try to justify higher prices, but instead, learn to compete. Part of the US Gun Center model has been to continuously evolve buying tactics and learn to keep pushing prices down.  Sometimes other people have US Gun Center beat, but it’s rare, and in most cases, Shooters Edition can match or get so close that the customer won’t mind.